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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Equipment and Vapor Barrier911 Restoration North New Jersey is confident that they can overcome any water damage effect that comes your way. Including mold growth, that may result.

The water damage restoration professionals in North New Jersey are trained and IICRC certified, ensuring that we can tho
roughly remediate your flooded home, preventing future structural damages and mold infestations.

Our entire operation is licensed, bonded, and insured in order to give our customers peace of mind knowing that we can back up any job we start, both financially and logistically.

All of our crews are equipped with the latest water damage restoration technology, further proving just how qualified we are to restore your home.

Our number one priority is making our customers feel like they are in good hands. When we show up to your home we understand that you have just been through a tough time, so we will change the mood to calm, comfort, and hope on your path to a fresh start.

We are honored to be given the opportunity to complete the water damage restoration process for you and look forward to giving you back a home that is even more beautiful than it was to begin with.

If you are currently living with water damage, call our staff at 911 Restoration North New Jersey today. We are open 24/7/365, including holidays, enabling us to give you a free home water damage estimate anytime, day or night.

We Face Every Water Damage Issue Head On

Water Damage Dry Out911 Restoration North New Jersey faces every issue with the same tenacity, no matter how big or small the problem. The water damage restoration experts understand that clearing moisture from a home needs to be done as soon as possible.

Whether a flooded basement, a leaky washing machine hose or a water heater explosion, we will take all measures necessary to salvage the structure of the home and all the items inside.

Most of us keep irreplaceable belongings in our homes, including photographs, knick knacks and other keepsakes.

The water damage restoration staff in North New Jersey makes it a priority to do all they can to save your memorabilia, including arriving to your home within 45 minutes of your call in order to minimize damage done to your prized possessions.

When a mother called us after a clogged sump pump caused her basement to flood, our service members knew she needed help immediately. All of her children’s baby books and other childhood memories were stored down there, and she was terrified that it would all be lost in the water.

Our water damage restoration team was at her home within the hour, fully ready to begin extracting water right away.

Along with the water damage remediation, we help our customers work with their insurance companies in order to get them the best coverage their policy offers.

Luckily, in the case of the mother with the basement flood, our members were able to get her home and goods inside dry and clean, and we were also able to handle the entire claims procedure for the homeowner. Her property was given a new look and a fresh start.

We Keep Your Home a Moisture-Free Zone

Air Movers for Water Damage RestorationWith over 35 years of experience under our belt, 911 Restoration North New Jersey knows how to keep a home and everything inside of it clean, dry, and unharmed, despite the level of water damage.

We want homeowners to feel like they can rely on us for any type of water damage restoration, giving them comfort in knowing that they have an honest, reliable company standing by at all hours of the day and night.

911 Restoration North New Jersey’s water damage restoration team is looking forward to giving you a dream home. Please, call us today!

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